About Me

Hi! I’m Tanya.

I am a fiber artist and a crochet designer.

My crochet story starts from a huge dose of inspiration.
Several years ago I was invited to a baby shower, the one which changed my life completely. I saw a hand made gift there, it was a baby blanket. It was so beautiful, that the minute I got home I went on google to check what I would like to make.
I fell in love with lace crochet dresses and wanted to make them all. That night I ordered a set of hooks and some lace yarn to practice the stitches. I figured the best way for me to learn would be to crochet dollies. Then I made a sweater, socks, hats and other garments. However, my friend told me I would end up making toys, I laughed… Why would I make toys if there are so many wearable things you can make? Well, here I am mostly designing toys and never made a single dress…
Welcome to my blog! Hope you find your dose of inspiration here.

Crochet Designs

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