Baby Lovey or Sleep Buddy| What you need to know

***Disclaimer: I am not a professional sleep consultant. If you are concerned about your child’s sleep safety, I encourage you to speak to a baby’s health care provider or a professionals sleep consultant. The information provided below is a very small part of safety standards.***

We all like a good night sleep, don’t we? Well, so do babies. Whether you decide to do sleep training or want your kid(s) to have a night friend, Lovey or Sleep Buddy is here to help! I sleep trained my son when he was 6 months old. This toy was really helpful. Naturally, I did my research on the rules for sleep toys and now I’m ready to share this information with you. Whether you crochet or buy one, the rules remain the same.

1) The main rule is: there should be nothing in the crib until a baby gets to a year old!

2) The only thing you may let your baby have in bed is a sleep toy. Due to safely concerns, this applies to babies over 6 months ONLY. Some babies can easily self-soothe themselves, thus there is no need for a toy.

3) Sleep Buddy should be made of natural, breathable materials. Cotton preferred.

4) The head of the toy should be large enough not to fall through bed rails.

5) I recommend to get 2 identical toys in case you can’t find one or you need to wash it. However, its up to you really.

6) Wear the toy under your clothes for a couple of hours, so it absorbs your body odor. Do this once in a while so that the toy remains smelling like you.

7) Sleep Buddy should live in baby’s bed only. You shouldn’t let your baby play with it during the day, otherwise he/she will not associate this toy with sleep and it will lose it’s effectiveness.

8) It is best if all details like eyes, nose or other objects are embroidered.

9) Even though lovey’s recommended size is 12-14″, there are many toys which are smaller or bigger than that. Personally, I wouldn’t get a larger one. I made my son a 12″ bear and it appeared to be the perfect size for him. He loves to sleep on it and is not bothered by its 3″ in diameter head.

That’s pretty much it. Let me know if you have questions. Sleep tight!

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