Benefits of needle craft

There are so many hobbies out there and we all try to find what suits us best. Are you looking for one? Having a hobby in general brings us lots of benefits. Let’s see what needle craft can provide for us.

Even though needlework is more than just crochet and knitting, this blog is dedicated to crochet. So I though I would talk about these two, since they are very close to each other and are being constantly compared.

Both crochet and knitting is a process of creating fabric or textiles using a crochet hook or needles to manipulate loops of yarn. They both require similar skill sets like patience, perseverance and hand-eye coordination.

Needlecraft benefits for our mental and physical health:

– It helps with stress and anxiety.

While your hands are occupied with a yarn project, your mind is concentrated on the pattern, thus you are distracted from thoughts which led you to these unpleasant states of mind.

I had a health issue at the time and crochet helped me not to loose my mind in anticipation of tests results from my doctor. It usually takes me a while to design and make something, especially something as big as a sweater. At that time, I designed and finished a cardigan in 2 days.

– It increases one’s mindfulness.

I have always wanted to start meditating but had no time. Here I am now listening to relaxation music while crocheting, concentrating on my breath with my mind at ease. It took me a while to get here and I love every second of it. If I could do it, you can, too!

– It improves one’s health overall.

While focusing on a more complicated pattern and counting stitches, it helps to lower the risk of Alzheimer’s. Like mentioned above, needlecraft helps with relaxation, which in its turn, promotes lower heart rate and lower blood pressure. And this, in its turn, prevents a risk of heart disease.

– It helps to stop bad habits.

I know many people, myself included who broke bad habits by starting to knit or crochet. I, personally, have been smoking for a good amount of time. Crochet helped me to quit in its own way. It took a several months of struggles, however, it worked and I am grateful for that.

– Brings you happiness and joy.

Whether you sold something to a friend or a customer, or gave something you made to someone in need, do you remember what you felt?I bet it was joy. It felt like you did something big to make another person happy. And yes, you did it. You put in so much energy, thought and time into the project that made another person happy, it all was not in vain. Isn’t it joy to make other people happy?

– Provides a boost to one’s immune system.

When doing something we like, makes us happy. Thus, happiness promotes a healthy lifestyle, boosts our immune system and helps to reduce pain.

I always say I like to interweave positive thoughts in my creations but what about bad ones?

Would you like to know how crochet helps me to master the art of letting go? Then keep on reading.

I tended to have bad thoughts and overthink various situations which happened to me. I still do, not as often as before but hey, I am human, things happen…Whenever I realize I am trapped in my negative thoughts, I take a hook and start crocheting. It helps me to relax and look at an issue in a more rational way. Once I realize a problem isn’t as big as I pictured, I burn the crocheted piece visualizing the problem, thus eliminating it. It works.

If still doubtful, give it a try. The more hobbies you try, the more chances you have to find out what makes you happy much sooner.

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Hi! I’m Tanya.

I am a fiber artist and a crochet designer.
All of my childhood has been a one long DIY journey: knitting, crocheting, drawing, weaving, inventing, wood burning, sewing, you name it!

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