Crocheted lifehacks for babies

Have you ever caught yourself thinking it’s a double joy to make things for little babies?

When I make something for adults, it is one type of joy; when I make something for babies, I feel a completely different, very pure energy floating in the air.

Did you know crochet can be a game changer, it can have a very positive impact on premature born babies?

If not, read further, I will explain how.

1) Octopus.

Denmark doctors discovered these crocheted creatures help to comfort preemies. Octopi tentacles remind them of mother’s umbilical cord.

Studies show, while they cradle with these toys, their breathing improves, oxygen blood level gets stronger and it helps to level the rhythm of their hearts. Also, newborns are less bothered by IV’s and monitors.

Crocheted octopus has a positive calming effect on babies.

– Keep in mind that size does matter. Safety standards require it’s head to be not smaller than 2.5″ and tentacles to be about 7″ when stretched.

– Ideal yarn is cotton or acrylic, no wool. Personally, I lean towards premium 100% cotton yarn.

– It should be machine washable.

– No plastic attachments like eyes, buttons and other decor elements, embroidered eyes or crocheted and then sewed on eyes are fine.

– There should not be space between stitches, so the filling doesn’t come out.
Personally, I make a cotton pouch the size of a head, put it inside the head, stuff it with hypoallergenic filler, seam an opening.

– The head should be filled up as full as possible.

2) Bonding squares.

This is something I discovered not so long ago. As I noticed, not many people are aware of them either.

The purpose bonding squares is to help babies in NICU bond with their parents while they are in an incubator. All babies depend on their mothers, they can’t clearly see or talk, so their mainly developed sense is a sense of smell.

While a mother can’t hold her newborn child, she wears one square under a shirt against her skin, so it absorbs her odor and another square is placed in an incubator box with a baby. This provides some sort of security for the baby; babies can’t touch their mommies but they can smell them.

The squares are swapped every 12 hours, so parents also can hold on to their baby’s odor.

– Squares should be 4″x4″ or 5″x5″ (could be knitted as well).

– Only cotton or acrylic yarn can be used.

3) Teething toys.

Have you ever considered an alternative for plastic teething toys?

Crochet teethers are great if high quality materials are used. When using a smaller hook size and crocheting very tight stitches, a very nice texture occurs which is fine for gentle gums.

One of the most popular crochet teethers is “Bunny Ears”. Besides serving its main purpose of soothing gums, they help to improve fine motor skills when babies try to untie them.

– Just make sure you have a premium quality (preferably organic) 100% cotton yarn and an unfinished wooden ring.

– Make sure the rings are smooth. Sand them if needed before use.

– Wash rings, let them completely dry and finish them off with olive or coconut oil.

My son loved them, I loved them. I actually had a chance to drink my tea while it was HOT.

Happy crafting!

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All of my childhood has been a one long DIY journey: knitting, crocheting, drawing, weaving, inventing, wood burning, sewing, you name it!

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Crocheted lifehacks for babies

Have you ever caught yourself thinking it’s a double joy to make things for little babies? When I make something for adults, it is one …

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